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The videos on this site are meant for elite advisors who are seeking to raise the bar on their own advisory.

We believe that together we go far.  With this in mind – welcome: We hope these resources deepen your ability to serve your clients.  If you’d like to know more about our Elite Advisor Collaboration program, please visit our overview page here. Or reach out to our team.

The NIM-CRT Presentation

Watch the full seminar presentation with Derek Myron, CFP®, Managing Director, and Roby Kotcamp, CFP®, Sr. Wealth Advisor of Centura Wealth Advisory as they go into the structure and planning required to execute an effective NIM-CRT for UHNW clients.

The G-CLAT Series

Join us for our 3 part G-CLAT for Advisors video series.

In this video series, Derek Myron walks you through the structure of a shark-fin G-CLAT, what the best choices for investments can be for your clients, how to structure the start, middle, and end of the Grantor Charitable Lead Annuity Trust, and how to steward the process from start to finish.

The G-CLAT Series Part One

Part 1: Design & Structure:


Grantor Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (G-CLAT):

  • Mechanics
  • Creation of 6 Year Adjusted Gross Income “AGI”
  • Optimizing the Grantor CLAT illustration
  • Design Constraints/Flexibility
  • Trust Termination
  • Risks/Pitfalls to Avoid

The G-CLAT Series Part Two

Part 2: Break Even Analysis

Break-even Analysis

  • Tax Benefit 1 only
  • Tax Benefits 1 & 2 combined

Investment Selection

  • Preferred investment types – benefits & considerations
  • Unleveraged vs. leveraged returns

The G-CLAT Series Part Three

Part 3: Case Study

Review G-CLAT Case Study

  • Fact pattern, goals & assumptions
  • 6-Year adjusted growth income statement
  • G-CLAT illustration
  • Break-even analysis
  • Planning results

CWA Stewardship Process

  • Components & timing
  • Centura Wealth Summary
  • Performance & Goal Tracking

Income Tax & Wealth Transfer Planning for Ultra High Net Worth Clients

The video is 50m long and covers a wide range of sophisticated tax planning strategies focused on the needs of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Families.

The Webinar is hosted by Derek Myron and Kyle Malmstrom

The webinar is focused on wealth advisors working with ultra high net worth clients who have wealth transfer and income tax issues.  In this webinar, Kyle and Derek cover the Grantor Charitable Lead Annuity Trust structure and design in combination with a Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust (IDGT).

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