About Centura Wealth Advisory

We help professional advisors enhance their client’s wealth.

Our core focus is helping families but we recognize many professional advisors (accountants, trust officers, planned giving professionals, private fiduciaries, attorneys, trustees, financial advisors, family office officers, and financial planners) don’t have the cross functional expertise, ensemble support or bandwidth to explore and implement complex strategies and solutions for their wealthier clients.

Our Ethos

Commit to the highest standards of integrity and ethics

Embrace the power of giving, sharing, and reciprocity

Cultivate curiosity—ask questions and seek answers

Engage in constructive and respectful challenges to foster growth

Focus on constructive feedback, avoiding criticism

Safeguard the confidentiality of shared information

Our Team

We started Centura Wealth Advisory to offer expert tax strategies to high-net-worth families. We also started the advisory to be the kind of place we want to work.

Our company culture is one of collaboration and inclusiveness. We pride ourselves on working together and enjoying time with our team both in the office and after work.
The result of the company’s inclusive and collaborative feel is that our advisors share ideas, resources, and insights that make them and their fellow advisors better. Their clients appreciate the brain trust that is Centura Wealth and we all get a little better at what we do.

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