How Does Membership in the EACP Work?

The Elite Advisor Collaboration Program (EACP) is right for you if you are ready to elevate your advisory and commit to a learning and collaboration partnership that is lasting and impactful.

The EACP team at Centura Wealth Advisory is ready to help you expand your clientele of HNW and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. This program provides training and introduces you to innovative strategies and solutions to address client challenges. In addition, our collaborations provide back-office support to enhance your capacity and your business development outreach.

We are looking for motivated and intellectually curious professionals ready to level-up their advisories.  Whether you’re just starting or an experienced professional aiming for a breakthrough, we look forward to learning and collaborating with you.

CONTACT OUR COO, Jonathan Freeman, to explore how Centura can empower you to elevate your practice.

  • Discovery

    Tier 1

    Introductory meeting and an opportunity to share our practices and professional values. If we find our goals align, we mutually identify and present on 1-2 essential practice areas “Pillars” where we can add the most value to one another’s practices.

  • Guest Access

    Tier 2

    Participate in the Elite Advisor Study Group, meeting eight times a year for a deep dive into casework, industry updates, and tax law changes.

  • Collaborating Advisor

    Tier 3

    Execute joint casework, gain referrals from Centura Wealth Advisory, and stand-out as a spotlight speaker in the study group.

    Requirements: Attend six study groups within your first year of joining

Our Ethos

Commit to the highest standards of integrity and ethics

Embrace the power of giving, sharing, and reciprocity

Cultivate curiosity—ask questions and seek answers

Engage in constructive and respectful challenges to foster growth

Focus on constructive feedback, avoiding criticism

Safeguard the confidentiality of shared information

Our Team

We started Centura Wealth Advisory to offer expert tax strategies to high-net-worth families.  We also started the advisory to be the kind of place we want to work.

Our company culture is one of collaboration and inclusiveness.  We pride ourselves on working together and enjoying time with our team both in the office and after work.

The result of the company’s inclusive and collaborative feel is that our advisors share ideas, resources, and insights that make them and their fellow advisors better.  Their clients appreciate the brain trust that is Centura Wealth and we all get a little better at what we do.

We look forward to connecting with you

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We look forward to connecting with you

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